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Greater Good Marketing have been helping small businesses for over a decade now. Over the last 14-odd years, we have been involved with all manner of projects; some of them wild and wacky start ups, whilst others have been established companies seeking new customers by moving markets. We have literally worked on thousands of projects across hundreds of  industry sectors & markets.

That’s a lot of experience: running our own business with all the accounts, insurances, VAT returns (and so on) combined with finding out the best resources available for our customers.

Let our experience save you the time & money

Greater Good Marketing have essentially become wise. We have become wise to:

  • The things that waste time.
  • The things that take forever to get results from.
  • The things which do not need to be THAT complicated.
  • The things that are actually needed, as opposed to wanted.
  • The things which will make projects succeed.
  • The things that make projects fail.

Everyone knows this kind of wisdom through experience can only be gained with time, combined with a little bit of trial and error. OK, so the confidence of youth can be a fierce motivator – but this is why we always invest in our staff, nurturing new talent where we can. And we suggest you do too…

Train yourself & staff to develop in-house skills

We believe that if you can keep Marketing skills and resources in-house, then you should. This approach will limit the ongoing costs associated with hiring outside agencies such as Greater Good Marketing! Some things will be impossible to take on board in your own organisation. But largely, your company can take complete control of the Marketing efforts it needs to carry itself foward.

[expand title=”Simple Customer Database (CRM) & training on how to use to collect customer information” tag=”h4″ trigclass=”arrowright” ]Sorting out your first customer records database can be an absolute nightmare. The whole industry seems to be riddled with jargon, and it is easy to be over-sold by software companies that thrive on confusion.

A customer contact database is a necessity for most companies who have some kind of sales function, and is nice to have even if its only for promotional purposes i.e. keeping track of your customers so that you can promote to them in the future.

What we do at Greater Good is take a simple online, low cost database and adapt it to your needs. The monthly cost is around £5 and there are no ongoing licence fees. And because it is online, it can be easily updated via a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. All at no extra cost.

Some of your staff will need a quick lesson in how to use the CRM system. But we can do this without problem. Making you self reliant for storing valuable customer data, & free from ties to licence costs.


[expand title=”Competitor Comparisons to ensure you are not missing out on customers” tag=”h4″ trigclass=”arrowright” ]Do you ever think ‘I wonder what price my competitor would do this for?’ If so, we can help…

Firstly, we can do some primary research into the competitors that you are aware of: we can pose as potential customers and get competitor quotations for like-for-like price comparisons, as a starting point.

Next, Greater Good can add to the list of competitors that you are already aware of. We will be careful to look for new entrants (which may prove to be a threat to you in the future), and any threats of replacement within your market.

Thirdly, Greater Good do some brief secondary market research – we can look at your competitors Marketing efforts, and from here roughly decipher what kid of clients they are trying to attract. The websites and sales materials of your competitors can give more away than you would think.

From here, we will be able to build a complete picture of your competitors, including analysis of any weaknesses they have that you may be able to capitalise on. Basically, Greater Good will be able to give you pointers in what products and services you need to offer, in order to work around your competitors, and find yourself a nice opening in what may be a crowded market place.


[expand title=”Set Up Email Promotion with training to keep promoting in-house” tag=”h4″ trigclass=”arrowright” ]Email provides you the most direct line of communication for conversion to sales … which is why the most savvy online marketers have no intention of giving it up any time soon. All of us are far too familiar with email newsletters that waste our time, pitches that annoy us, and downright spam. Those don’t work.

Good email content deepens your relationship with your audience through effective subject line writing (getting your messages opened), your distinctive voice (getting those messages read), and delivering quality, niche specific content your prospect needs and shares with others (inspiring referrals and word-of-mouth).

We Can Help You Develop Effective Email Campaigns

Greater Good will work with you to develop your in-house resources to include being able to send effective email campaigns. We will design templates for your emails, set up contact databases, help you understand how to write effective copy, and then show you how to use email software. At Greater Good we use MailChimp for authoring promotional emails; this easy to use service is more than sufficient for small & medium email campaigns. MailChimp is an online service, so again it can be used wherever there is an internet connection, so training your staff is easily done.


[expand title=”Have a Consultant on site, to discuss future Marketing & develop a Marketing plan” tag=”h4″ trigclass=”arrowright” ]Greater Good is a Marketing agency comprising of people with real world experience. And in our experience, the business owners and staff normally hold the key, when it comes to knowing what is best for the future of their company.

We can help you unlock the ideas within your company, realise what is good, and then formulate these ideas into a timed and costed Marketing plan – a plan you will be able to stick to, telling you what Marketing tactics to employ, how much it is going to cost and how you can measure the effectiveness.

Sometimes, this kind of consultancy is as simple as being a facilitator in discussions and lend a Marketing perspective over a couple of cups of coffee one afternoon. For more complex businesses and markets, you may require a Consultant on site for a few days. We are happy to be shadowed by a member of your team, so as we can show them how to develop the basic stages of a Marketing plan, & train them in what information needs be gathered – this will ensure you can continue a Marketing Planning function within your company.



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