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Graphic Design & Creative Services

graphic-design malvernAt Greater Good Marketing we have a small team of graphic designers which can accommodate any design need of our clients. This ranges from simple one page flyers, to full packaging solutions bespoke to a clients product.

We develop creative concepts based on genuine insight about your customers, and translate them into beautiful designs that work seamlessly online and offline.

Cost Effective

We offer a set price service where you can alter the artwork as much as you like without incurring changing fees. We keep offering you designs until you find the one you like (which you can then tweak) all for one set fee.

The relationships we have formed with printers means that we can supply finished articles without the client having to get involved in any stage, apart from approval. Print prices via Greater Good Marketing are considerably lower due to our volume discounts, making us a cost effective solution for flyers, business cards & other types of marketing promotion.

What We Do Belongs to You!

We are firm believers in making money based on our skills as Marketing professionals. Not by screwing every penny out of all our customers. If you have any design work done by us, we always leave you with a copy of the files we have used for your design work. This means that if you want to have more materials printed in the future, you do not need to ask us! This goes for an A5 flyer, company logo, business cards and any other materials we create.

[expand title=”Logo’s, Brands, Business Cards & other company collateral” tag=”h4″ trigclass=”arrowright” ]Not all businesses require marketing collateral, but most do, in one way or another. Your  marketing collateral (printed materials used to share information about your business, products or services) can be a significant in how your business is perceived by customers. You can be instantly judged by how professional (or not) your materials look.

Greater Good Marketing are happy to design a full package of logo & all company materials such business cards, compliment slips and letterheads. Or we can just give your existing logo a lick of paint. Either way, we can do it! And it is guaranteed cost effective.

We will develop a colour scheme & typeset which you can proudly carry alongside all other promotional materials you need in the future.


[expand title=”Leaflets, Flyers & other high volume promotion literature” tag=”h4″ trigclass=”arrowright” ]High volume leaflets and flyers are simply ‘tools of the trade’ for businesses who rely on direct marketing; whether it be cold calling or visiting exhibitions to hand out leaflets.

A design by Greater Good Marketing is guaranteed to be well laid out, logical and attractive to potential customers. Further, we will be sure to match the tone of your current logo and promo materials, to ensure continuity of design, and appearance to customers.


[expand title=”Price Lists, Brochures, Portfolios & other small volume jobs” tag=”h4″ trigclass=”arrowright” ]Price lists and brochures are the tools of  a personal sales person. This kind of business tends to proudly show their wares and is not ashamed of showing off a little!

Greater Good Marketing can design something for you, which suitable reflects your hard work, and does its best to help you sell. We can arrange even the most complicated price list into a well laid out work of art, which speaks to your potential customers. If we produce a print version of a brochure, then we can easily roll out an electronic version as a PDF for download from your website. Or how about having a version put onto a fancy CD ROM which is business card sized?

We can do it all – this is bread and butter stuff to us!


Typical Prices

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