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Marketing Research

Marketing Research MalvernWhen we undertake research for our clients, we do so with one thing in mind – finding information that helps drive product development and customer engagement.

Carrying out desk, or secondary, research enables us to find hidden gems of information hidden in armfuls of market research and other reports. First hand, or primary, research allows find the answers that we need to know to push the business forward.

This could be an online customer survey, a competitor website review, or in-depth phone interview. Our skilled team put the ideas and insights together; a combination that’s guaranteed to deliver the right changes.

Strategic Evaluation

Strategic evaluation is all about looking at where you are now then working out where you want to be and how you’re going to get there.

Generally our strategic evaluation starts with us listening carefully to our customers, very carefully. Then we ask lots of questions. We explore the obstacles and the opportunities. Then we can determine the steps that will take them exactly where they want to go.

With a set of clear priorities and reliable tools to evaluate results, we can help you increase your sales and generate more profit. We can help you see the wood from the trees and find the best way forward.

Planning for the Future

Your day-to-day business Marketing activities are likely to be focused on communicating with existing and potential customers. A Marketing Plan should set out when and how you will do this.

Communicating with your customers should be done around a schedule that identifying key times of the year – for example, when business customers plan the next year’s budget or seasonal purchasing peaks (such as Christmas). Marketing campaigns should be timed to fit with these dates and look for other opportunities, such as trade exhibitions, that you can take advantage of.

If there are significant gaps in your marketing schedule, Greater Good will look to fill them out with cost-effective activities to help maintain customer awareness. You might send out a newsletter, for example.

Marketing Planning can be as simple as a timed and costed chart, detailing activities required. Let Greater Good Marketing help you understand your customers and markets.

Typical Prices

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