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ASA Advice for Reiki Healers

Marketing Definitions for Religious & Spiritual Healing

Advertising Definitions from the ASA -Religious and spiritual healing Religious & Spiritual Healers have been relatively successful with their ‘discussions’ with the ASA; they have had several CAP code rulings in their favour. This of course has implications for the marketing & advertising of Religious Healing & Spiritual Healing, but the landscape can often seem […]

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Reiki Flower - small business marketing for therapists

Latest Advice for Reiki Marketing

Advertising Standards Info from the Horses Mouth! CAP understands that Reiki is based on the principle of transferring energy through the palms of the hands on or near the body. According to CAP & the ASA, to date, neither CAP nor the ASA has seen evidence to support claims that Reiki can have a physical […]

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